Insulation Installers Can Help You Decide On The Right R-Value for You

As insulation installers in Kansas City and Raytown, MO, Star Companies wants our customers to have the best knowledge about our products they can get. That’s why we like to discuss our products in our blog. This time, we’d like to focus on a standard measurement you might have seen on insulation packaging, R-Value.

R-value is a measurement of the insulation’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the higher the level of resistance and the greater the insulating power. The area you live or work in will have different requirements for R-value depending on the area’s climate and the type of building. Attic insulation installers can advise you on what R-value you need, as well as potentially make suggestions about increasing or decreasing values depending on your situation.

team of attic insulation installers like the one at Star Companies will work to make sure your home is running efficiently. Proper insulation in areas like your attic will significantly impact your energy bill. Insulation will limit air leakage, which will keep in heat in the winter or cold air in the summer. An efficiently running home is a more comfortable home.

When it comes to insulation installers in the Kansas City area, Star Companies is hard to beat. We perform free energy evaluations to check your attic for enough insulation, air sealing, and proper ventilation. The evaluation includes checking your current type of insulation, the thickness or R-Value, air gaps, and venting. If any of these need improvement, we will list all our recommendations and provide a free upgrade estimate.

At Star Companies, we know that our job as insulation installers is to give our customers the best service possible. We genuinely want to help you keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. If you live in Kansas City, Independence, Lees Summit, Grandview, Raytown, Blue Springs, Leawood, Overland Park, or Prairie Village, and want to upgrade your attic insulation, contact us today at the number below or online to schedule a free energy evaluation and upgrade estimate.

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