Insulation Companies: Why Insulate And Air Seal With Star?

Insulation companies like ours, Star Companies, Inc., understand why it is important to insulate and air seal your home. We are more than just a number in the many insulation companies in Kansas City. We’re focused on exceeding the competition through extensive high-level training such as the CEE program through Owens Corning, on-the-job safety training, and excellent customer service.

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Insulation Companies Can Make Your Home A Complete Air Barrier

Unlike other insulation companies, we have put in the time and training to be Owens Corning Certified Energy Experts. All our staff has passed the requirements and levels 1 & 2 testing to receive the certification. Rest assured, you will have trained installers. Every job has trained installers who have gone through a minimum of 1 year of training prior to installing on their own.

As an industry leader in insulation and air sealing, we can provide quality work at affordable pricing. Discounted materials, less call backs and frugal overhead is how we can provide cheaper estimates than other insulation companies in the Kansas City area, with a better overall result. Value is something we provide to home builders and homeowners alike.

We offer an industry leading 10-year warranty that you can pass on to your customers! As a premiere Owens Corning partner, we can provide a 10-year limited warranty with all projects, unlike other insulation companies. We can price at the same rate as our competition but with superior products and a warranty nobody else offers!

Insulation and air sealing is more than just improving the energy efficiency of the home or building. It is understanding how the structure is affected by ventilation, circulation, durability and overall air quality. We are certified experts in building science. We evaluate every project when performing estimates and look for any issues that may be affected by the insulation we install.

If you are in the Kansas City Metro Area including Raytown, MO and are looking into insulation companies with quality insulation and air seal services, we are here to help you! Contact us today to schedule a free energy evaluation on your home! Our team is ready to create an insulation and air seal plan for your home or commercial building.

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Insulation Companies #188972709 Star Companies Inc.