Home Insulation Companies Can Advise You On Caring for Your Rim Joist


Home Insulation Companies have many products to choose from

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Home insulation companies can be a great resource when working on your home. For instance, we can tell how and whether to insulate your rim joists. Star Companies, inc. of Kansas City, can get you up to date on all you need to know about this topic.

The rim joist or band joist area of your home is where the concrete foundation meets the wood sill plate between floors. This is found in the basement or crawl space. This area is one of the home’s most significant sources of air infiltration. Home insulation companies consider this a problem because several framing components connect in a small area, providing many areas for air infiltration if not appropriately sealed.

One of the two main ways home insulation companies insulate the rim joist is to cut fiberglass batting insulation into squares and fit them into the cavity. This option doesn’t work well because fiberglass is air permeable. The insulation will filter out dust and pollen but won’t do much of anything to help condition the air temperature. Also, fiberglass can trap moisture against the wood, leading to mold and decay issues.

The other primary way home insulation companies will do this job is to use closed-cell spray foam insulation. This is the best option for insulating the rim joist because spray foam will insulate the rim joist area and fully seal all the connections and interfaces from the sill plate to the subfloor. Air sealing in this area prevents air infiltration, pest infiltration, and moisture buildup, preventing mold formation that could affect indoor air quality.

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