Insulation Installers – What Are The Main Types of Insulation To Choose From?

Insulation Installers are asked many types of questions by potential customers. A more frequent question is, “What are my insulation choices?”.
There are a few types of insulation materials to choose from, each having its own set of pros and cons. The insulation type you choose will depend on your needs. Star Companies’ insulation installers serve Kansas City, Raytown, Independence, Lees Summit, Blue Springs, Grandview, Leawood, Overland Park and Prairie Village. 

Insulation Types
  • Batt & Roll 
    • Batts, or blanket insulation strips, are pre-cut sheets of fiberglass insulation. They normally come in 4-foot sections. 
    • Rolls are longer versions of batts and are designed to fit between wood frames. 
    • Batt & Roll is most often used in the interior and exterior walls in homes and is a very effective thermal barrier. 
  • Loosefill

    • Loosefill insulation is the most common insulation type for an attic. It covers the area well without leaving gaps or voids. 
    • Blown in or loose insulation will typically settle and lose R-value over time. 
  • Rigid Foam

    • Comes in boards in pre-set dimensions that is cut to fit a space.
    • Rigid foam is known to last many decades and is an updated approach to the Batt & Roll technique. 
    • It offers a higher R-value than typical Roll insulation.  
  • Spray Foam

    • Is sprayed into a space and provides superb insulation and soundproofing.
    • Spray foam can cost significantly more than fiberglass, but offers many benefits such as longevity and sound insulation.
    • The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors states that spray foam insulation can last for more than 80 years. 

Which Insulation Product is the Best?

Every insulation job has its own unique set of requirements, and every homeowner has their own budget guidelines. To make an informed decision, it’s important to talk to a knowledgeable insulation installer so you can learn exactly what options are best for you. Contact Star Companies to discuss your specific needs.


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