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Home Insulation Companies Have Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions!

Home insulation companies receive many frequently asked questions about insulation, and we are here to answer your insulation questions. At Star Companies, Inc. we receive many frequently asked questions, and below are answers to common concerns we hear from our customers:

Are There Any Incentives Available To Insulate?

Home insulation companies like ours know that customers can easily take advantage of the Federal Government tax credit of up to $500 for homeowners who make certain energy efficiency upgrades in their home, like upgrading and installing additional insulation. Homeowners may be eligible to receive additional rebates from local utility companies as well. You can visit ENERGY STAR to learn more, or contact us to see if you qualify for additional rebates.

Can Insulation Help With Noise Control?

Absolutely, adding additional insulation can help with noise control. Airborne noises such as conversation, running appliances, electronic devices and household equipment carry and echo through walls, ceilings and floors. Good insulation has the ability to reduce such atmospheric interference, leaving rooms much quieter. Insulating your home can also reduce exterior noise as well and makes it hard for pollen, dust, pests and insects to enter your home.

What Are The Main Types Of Insulation To Choose From?

Home insulation companies offer a few different types of insulation materials to choose from, each having its own set of pros and cons. The insulation type you choose will depend on your needs. We offer Batt & Roll, Loosefill, Rigid Foam and Spray Foam insulation types.

Which Insulation Product Is The Best?

Every insulation job has its own unique set of requirements and budget guidelines. Home insulation companies understand this type of home upgrade is important, and discussing your options with knowledgeable Certified Energy Experts helps you to understand all your options and make the best decision for your home.

Home insulation companies like ours, Star Companies, Inc. understand that upgrading insulation is a big job. Each home is unique needs attention to detail, energy knowledge and experience to make sure your upgrade is installed correctly. If you are in the Kansas City Metro Area including Raytown, MO and are interested in upgrading your home insulation, contact us today online or at the number below to schedule a free energy evaluation and insulation upgrade estimate.

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