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In addition to the energy savings you will see by upgrading insulation, Evergy (formerly KCP&L) and Spire are offering rebates to help homeowners install energy efficient measures. Your energy audit could also be eligible for a Missouri personal income tax deduction. Taking advantage of utility rebates can help offset the upfront cost of home energy upgrades.

Many homeowners bypass utility rebates because they seem complex. We know it is complicated. We are here to help! Our insulation experts understand local rebate programs. We will help walk you through it!


Here is an overview of the steps to qualify for the Insulation and Air Sealing rebate with Evergy (formerly KCP&L) or Spire. Programs are very detailed – this overview is designed to give a sense of the programs. To discuss your specific home and eligible rebates, contact Star Companies:

  • Contact a preferred authorized contractor to schedule a comprehensive energy audit. Star Companies is an authorized contractor.
  • Ask your selected contractor about the free Energy Savings Kit. The kit includes the following, to be installed for free:
    • Up to 12 LED bulbs to replace incandescent, halogen or burnt-out CFLs
    • Up to four (4) faucet aerators
    • Up to two (2) efficient-flow shower heads
    • Water heater pipe insulation (installed on hot and cold pipes for up to six feet from water heater tank, when accessible)
    • Up to two (2) smart power strips.
  • Consult with your authorized contractor to determine the upgrades that are right for your home. Your authorized contractor can explain the rebates you are eligible to receive.
  • To qualify for a rebate, your contractor will need to install at least one of the approved upgrades. Rebates can vary based on the upgrade. Examples of available rebates are as follows:
    • If your home’s insulation is upgraded to an overall value of R-38, you can earn a rebate from KCP&L and Spire of $0.30 per square foot.
    • Home air sealing will receive a 100% rebate from Evergy (formerly KCP&L) and Spire. This can save an average home up to $150 per year in utility bills.
  • After the upgrades are installed, your contractor will submit the Evergy (formerly KCP&L) rebate application on your behalf.